Stonebwoy Begs Bloggers & Fans to Hype Him just like they did for Patapaa


Superstar Ghanaian Dancehall, Stonebwoy has called on his fans, bloggers and the whole nation to assist him in his quest to put Ghana on the map as they did and are still doing for Patapaa, the hitmaker of “One Corner.”

Watch video below:

According to Stonebwoy in a live video held a few moments earlier on his IG handle, it’s not always the media that has to push adverse stories about him and other artists, something he says they’ve done more often late.

Stonebwoy revealed that some time ago he had a conversation with a blogger about why his positive works don’t get traction like the adverse ones and the individual suggested relying on advertisers to push his job out.

But he disagrees because it’s not always on paid promotions that advertisers offer. Furthermore, individuals like Patapaa did not make it large because of any PR job but because of it.

Stonebwoy, who is presently on “Shuga Tour” in Europe, added that it’s going to do a lot of good if supporters and bloggers focus on the positive job he’s doing and give him the help to blow as Nigerian counterparts lol Davido and Wizkid appreciate their home nation.

He lamented how even Arabs spoke and discussed when he pulled a gun on stage at the 2019 VGMA, but his good works don’t get the same push from bloggers.

Before this live video, Stonebwoy had voiced his disappointment with how bloggers are not pushing his positive works, but the adverse ones are getting free promotion.

According to him, before publishing the favorable vibes, the press expects him and other artists to pay, but they push the adverse ones at no price.

Stonebwoy tweeted:

Just had a convo with one blogger.. it’s interesting to know that if it’s positive news you have to pay but it’s bad news. they’ll push it for free! And why didn’t you travel with a publicist!! Asem o…. ??!!


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