Video; Rev. Obofour forces man to Smoke WEE (Ganja, Marijuana) live in Church


Today, Rev. Obofour, the Iron Boy who is the founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel has once again performed a weird miracle that has got people on social media talking.

Rev. Obofour together with Bishop Badu Kobi of Glorious Waves International were invited to the church on another popular Ghanaian preacher Abruku Abruka for a three days restoration program.

During Rev. Obofour’s time of the program, he asked if anyone in the Church auditorium had marijuana and lo and behold one man came out with the hard drug.

In a video available, Rev. Obofour asked that the man light the hard drug and smoke for him to verify if it was truly ‘wee’ or he was trying to play smart.

According to Rev. Obofour, he saw that the man was has been identified as Razak age 41 was supposed to be a big person but his family has spoilt him by making him smoke ‘wee’ which eventually took her to jail for 10 years.

He continued by saying that the ‘wee’ he made him smoke in the church was the last time he is smoking because he has now broken that bad habit and is ready to take care of him(Razak) as his own son.


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